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Patsy Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

  • 5.3 Taste
  • 5.3 Decor
  • 6.0 Service
  • 5.5 Overall
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Address No. 24-25, Lane 320, Tianping Lu, Xuhui District No.24-25, Lane 320, Tianping Lu, Xuhui District / 徐汇区天平路320弄24—25号
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Average Price ¥150 P.P
Cuisines American
Landmarks Xujiahui
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Patsy Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
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  • 107928
    2016-03-20 Sunday
    • Taste: 4
    • Decor: 6
    • Service: 6
    • Overall: 5

    周六中午正好路过,很久没有吃披萨,正好披萨是这家的重点推荐。我们点的是推荐的半红半白披萨,12寸。加的是BBQ鸡肉和jalapeño 酸辣椒。这种典型的披萨一直是我们常吃的口味。这家的披萨很贵,而且上了之后,一点也不夸张,鸡肉迷你到几乎看不见肉。不但如此,一点点的BBQ的味道都没有。 145元,实在不是专业披萨店该有的水平与价位。

  • Luke
    2014-12-29 Monday
    • Taste: 4
    • Decor: 4
    • Service: 6
    • Overall: 4

    The original one is actually in the process of suing them. I was in New York when I saw the law suit. They knocked the whole thing off from interior to the menu.

    The food is not as the one in New York!!

  • Member
    2014-12-22 Monday
    • Taste: 8
    • Decor: 6
    • Service: 6
    • Overall: 6

    I'm guessing this is a franchise to the Brooklyn grimaldi's based on the decoration. The food. To be honest I haven't had a Caesar salad in awhile so I can't gauge on the taste so much. It was just so so imo and the bacon in it I am convinced was shaked out of a can. It's big though, a medium size can eaten by 4 people. The chicken wing is ok, with the redeeming part being the tablespoon of garlic aoli. Now to the pizza, the bread and cheese quality is good. I felt the other topping like the chicken was chopped from a cheap block of rubber play chicken. Service is subpar. They are trying but it really felt like a soft launch with certain things not available and the confusion of some staff. The place was almost empty which made it feel depressing to be honest. The music is even weird. They alternate between frank Sinatra and current pop music. It really ruins the flow. Anyway, there are too many choices for pizza in shanghai to come back.