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Address 127, No.1289 Gongyuan Dong Lu (Opposite to Zhongshan Hospital, Fushen Shangye Center) 公园东路1289弄127号 (中山医院对面富绅商业中心)
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Opening hours 11:00-14:00 17:00-21:00
Average Price ¥120 P.P
Cuisines Thai , Thai traditional , Thai modern
Landmarks Others
Restaurant Features Happy Hour , Baby Chair , Bistro , Brewery , Casual Dining , Family , Gathering , Set Lunch , Brunch , Business Lunch & Dining , Romantic , WI-FI available , Friends , Dinner
Do you understand Thai tastes? Or do you have a Thai-stomach? If the tastes of thai-restaurants in Shnghai have not been good enough to satisfy you, why not come to 13 Thai CUISINE to enjoy Thai cuisine.
"13 Thai are amazing, and each dish has a good taste."
13 Thai CUISINE is located in Qingpu District in Shanghai. It is an ancient cultural area that emerged more than 4,000 years ago. It is different from the downtown area of ​​Shanghai and has a pristine yet intimate human touch in Shanghai. The restaurant is located in the bustling and convenient commercial center (Fushen business center). It is a two-floors building with a high ceiling and large glass design. The space is bright and spacious. The elegant wall painting is drawn by a professional artist for nearly a month. 13 Thai CUISINE has 146 seats, where you can enjoy a Thai-style feast prepared by 13 Thai CUISINE in peace and quiet, and you can also sip a cup of Thai style Milk tea, enjoy the relax time.
Speaking of Thai food, people think of neither food nor a dish, but a taste. This taste is very clear, once you can eat it can no longer be forgotten. On the ancient spice road, Thailand is the only country where vanilla use is more complex than spices. "Those who are sympathetic and fragrant can enter. " The balance between richness, freshness, and variety of stimuli, strange collocation methods, and cooking principles have led Thai food beyond the boundaries of the home country and are constantly being interpreted and interpreted in the context of the world. (Excerpt from Sanlian Life Week 2018, Issue 8)
13 Thai CUISINE not only follows Thai traditional cooking techniques and special spices, but also diligently studies Chinese tastes and dining habits, develops and innovates newer Thai-style dishes, not only retains Thai cuisine with sour, spicy, salty, sweet. The balanced characteristics of the bitter taste and the five flavors are also based on seafood, fruits, and vegetables, combining the sweet and natural flavor with accurate calculations. In different seasons, the most seasonal and weather-saving meal combinations are introduced and introduced.
13 Thai CUISINE is not limited to tradition. At the same time, it has both fashion and modern style. This time missed, the next time you can only return to the taste of others !
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  • 935231534992464
    2018-04-16 Monday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 10
    • Overall: 10


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    2018-04-15 Sunday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 10
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    2018-04-13 Friday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 10
    • Overall: 10


  • 116034
    2018-04-11 Wednesday
    • Taste: 6
    • Decor: 6
    • Service: 6
    • Overall: 6


  • 1096756
    2018-04-04 Wednesday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 10
    • Overall: 10