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Address 1487 Lane, Huaihai Zhong Lu. 淮海中路1487弄,走进小区后倒数第二棟右手边直走,可问门卫
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Opening hours 17:30-22:00
Average Price ¥1500 P.P
Cuisines Japanese
Landmarks Hengshan Lu
Restaurant Features Fine Dining , Quiet , WI-FI available , Dinner
Xun, a Kaiseki-ryōri located in 1487 Lane, Huai Hai Zhong Lu, low-key and private. And out of the alley is prosperous consulate area.
Opening Xun's door, you can see clean path, rolling water wheel, loquat's leaves dangling in the wind.
To Xun, pursuing essence aesthetic is making good dishes by heart. Only delicates are main roles in Xun.
Walking into Xun, the room isn't big but in good order. The table and chef's work top are at the same horizon plane, not only easy to customers to enjoy chef's excellent cooking skills, also makes communications between customers and chef comfortable. The brightness and angle of the lights above every single seat are well-designed. It makes the counter to a stage showing every dishes.
Many people misunderstand that Kaiseki must seat straightly on tatami, but the counter actually can experience the art and the spirit of Kaiseiki completely. Because Kaiseiki pays attention to Omakase, which means 'request a favor' in Japanese. Usually there is no menu, all dishes customize by chef through seasonal ingredients, the customers' favor and allergies. Sitting by the counter, the customers can communicate with chef face by face, the communications become a part of art of Kaiseki.
The experience of Xun will exceed your expectations. Tajima's A5+ Wagyu beef, shrimp from Toyama bay, echinus from Hokkaido, etc. All seafood transport by air on that day to Shanghai, we do not use last night's ingredients, and completely traditional Kaiseki flavor. In addition, vegetables and fruit are all from Japan, Kyoto's fiddlehead fern, bamboo shoots, Shizuoka'a melon, etc. Xun's persistence in ingredients, even if in Shanghai, there is no second restaurant like us. And, many of ingredients in Xun couldn't be found in other Japanese restaurants in Shanghai. Those unique delicates are waiting for you to taste.
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