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Calypso Restaurant & Lounge

  • 7.9 Taste
  • 8.9 Decor
  • 8.0 Service
  • 8.3 Overall
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Address Jing'an Shangri-la, No.1218 Yan'an Zhong Lu, near Tongren Lu, Jing'an District, Shanghai 延安中路1218号
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Opening hours 11:00-23:00
Average Price ¥281 P.P
Cuisines Mediterranean
Landmarks Jing'an Temple
Restaurant Features Happy Hour , Casual Dining , Hotel Restaurant , Roof Top
The crown jewel of the Jing An Kerry Centre Piazza,Calypso is casual dining, redefined. It stands alone as one of the area’s most relaxed and versatile venues.
The restaurant and lounge is housed in an airy two-storey structure that is openly modern with detailed traditional touches. Its tall glass panels retract in the warmer months to encourage al fresco dining. Lunch time visitors will also find it an irresistible spot of manicured greenery in the heart of the city. It gives the space a sense of vibrant life, while antique touches help it nest comfortably next to one of Shanghai’s most important historical venues – the former residence of Chairman Mao Zedong.
The first floor is Calypso Restaurant. Not to be missed are the authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, Italian burrata as well as house-made pastas and gelato. Those on the go may grab a pizza or gelato from the takeout window facing Anyi Road.
Food is complemented by one of the city’s most unique wine programmes. Enomatic wine stations permit 24 wines for tasting, and all may be experienced at a special “Genius Table” concept that allows for open interaction and tasting tips from the restaurant’s top-notch sommeliers. With a menu structured to feature the easy, accessible nature of each grape, Calypso is instantly one of Shanghai’s pioneering venues for sharing a glass of wine.
The second-floor lounge tops off the venue with extra vibrancy. Bright during the day and warm with intimacy through the night, this is where you will witness some of Shanghai’s trendiest events. Its wide terrace has its own entrance and a rotating cast of DJs and live musicians add energetic vibes to a creative cocktail menu filled with fun options. Guests will feel as comfortable here on casual Fridays as they will in their best tuxedoes or evening gowns.
World-class food and beverage options paired with one of the city’s best designed venues, Calypso is a set to be a hit. There is no better mix.
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  • Member
    elyn chen VERIFIED REVIEW
    2021-05-16 Sunday
    • Taste: 8
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 4
    • Overall: 7


  • 1042411615473237
    2021-03-15 Monday
    • Taste: 6
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 8
    • Overall: 8


  • 1111973
    2021-03-11 Thursday
    • Taste: 6
    • Decor: 8
    • Service: 8
    • Overall: 7

    2021餐厅周第一餐…calypso香格里拉旁滴地中海餐厅…独立楼宇…楼层很高明亮宽敞很舒服…第一次是被他们家滴下午茶吸引…这次要来尝尝地中海菜…地中海菜一般以鱼 蔬菜 水果 谷物 配合橄榄油制作为多…非常健康…面包无麸麦无盐无黄油滴手撕面包畅吃…配上橄榄油和酸橄榄…不油腻很有嚼劲口感…西芹苹果汤搭配一系列坚果超过了偶滴想象…浓不稠滴蔬果汤每一口都有着坚果滴香…美妙…小牛肉金枪鱼前菜…小牛肉非常淡略有点柴但是搭配上了金枪鱼蛋黄口味滴沙拉酱还有外脆里嫩滴小番茄瞬间层次感很丰富…鸡胸肉和海鲈鱼主菜更爱鸡胸肉 虽然鸡肉有点老但是西兰花碎和大蒜辣椒酱滴配菜完全给了偶一个新滴世界…莓果意式奶冻和披萨都无功无过…值得一提滴是甜品里有一种偶非常爱滴香料罗勒和薄荷…清爽不甜腻…

  • 3908055901615098233
    2021-02-09 Tuesday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 10
    • Overall: 10


  • Member
    2020-10-21 Wednesday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 10
    • Overall: 10