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Erman‘s Stonegrill Steak (The Place)

  • 7.3 Taste
  • 8.8 Decor
  • 8.8 Service
  • 8.3 Overall
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Address No.P02 Fengshang street, Nanfung City, No.100 Zunyi Lu 上海市 长宁区 遵义路100号南丰城丰尚街P02
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Opening hours 11:00am - 00:00am (Monday - Sunday)
Average Price ¥180 P.P
Cuisines Mediterranean , Steak
Landmarks Others
Restaurant Features Outdoor Seating , Family , Gathering , Quiet , WI-FI available , Friends , Dinner , Afternoon Tea
The founder of erman kitchen is enthusiastic about food and knows how to eat. With more than 20 years' experience in international five-star hotels, he has opened the restaurant from the north bund to The Place of hongqiao. For the new restaurant, the Founder invited royal chef Tobias Olsson to Shanghai directly from Sweden. Tobias Olsson shares the menu with Nordic flavor to Erman’s Stonegrill Steak, making the dishes present a unique taste of complex taste, burst taste buds, and let Erman has brought unique taste mark of Shanghai.
Throw out the resumes of the chefs and say how excellent is about Erman’s Stonegrill Steak ? Why don't you let these honors tell you? In the year of 2017-2018, Erman's Stonegrill Steak took home the two awards of "must eat restaurant of the year" and "best western restaurant of the year" issued by "feast China", a well-known food magazine in the industry.
In 2018, in the spring and fall restaurant week activities co-organized by Dining City and AmexExpress Bank, the honor of BEST SERVICE went to Erman's Kitchen again, and at the same time, Ermans Kitchen got the award with 2 times.
Erman’s Stonegrill Steak is On November 5, 2018, the first China international import expo was held in Shanghai. was honored to receive the welcome meeting of Croatian prime minister andrei plenkovich. In the rooftop garden of nanfeng city, it successfully passed the strict requirements of the food supervision and administration bureau, and perfectly provided the decoration of the venue and the food and service of the reception.

The second floor of the restaurant provides customized menu services, evening more surprises you find! Irma rock steak waiting for your presence and taste!
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  • Member
    2019-09-01 Sunday
    • Taste: 6
    • Decor: 5
    • Service: 3
    • Overall: 4

    I am very disappointed on my recent dining experience with Eman's. It was Saturday night, the last day of the restaurant week. We book a table for 6:30pm. When we get there, and ask for restaurant week menu, the waiter told us that they don't offer that! Shock!

    Then we try to order some steak's on the menu, they told us they ran out steak, How can we steak house run out of steak.

    My wife and I immediately decided to switch restaurant, and I don't think we will come back again. Sorry!

  • Member
    Yvonne0721 VERIFIED REVIEW
    2019-08-31 Saturday
    • Taste: 8
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 8
    • Overall: 8


  • 1057845
    2019-08-31 Saturday
    • Taste: 8
    • Decor: 8
    • Service: 10
    • Overall: 8


  • 12143461534343551
    2019-08-29 Thursday
    • Taste: 6
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 10
    • Overall: 8


  • 12850511565754797
    2019-08-25 Sunday
    • Taste: 6
    • Decor: 8
    • Service: 10
    • Overall: 8

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    接下来是蘑菇浓汤 上面配有黄油的面包 汤头浓浓的蘑菇香气
    主菜为鸭胸和鲷鱼 上菜前服务员问是不是能上三分熟的鸭胸 表示吃的惯以后就上了 结果鸭胸还是老了 是嚼不动的那种程度 鲷鱼做的咸了 对于这两个作为主菜我绝对是不满意的
    甜点提拉米苏慕斯倒是蛮好的 颜值高 味道不那么甜 配上咖啡或者红茶的微苦 甜而不腻
    服务员服务的都不错 没道菜之间上菜都及时 就是从坐上餐桌开始到结束 都没有给倒过一杯水还是留有遗憾

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