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Vinism Wine Bar & Cellar

  • 10.0 Taste
  • 10.0 Decor
  • 10.0 Service
  • 10.0 Overall
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Address No.57 Dongzhu'anbang Lu (near Zhenning Lu) 东诸安浜路27号(近镇宁路)
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Opening hours Mon-Sun: 17:00-00:00
Average Price ¥250 P.P
Cuisines Western , Snack
Landmarks Jiangsu lu
Restaurant Features Bistro , Brewery , Lounge , Quiet , Bar/Lounge area , Dinner
Vinism is the first wine bar in Shanghai with the theme of “natural wine”. The "natural wine" is a wine that the chemicals isn‘t used in the process of growing grapes and respects natural laws. The output is limited, and it has become more and more popular in the world in recent years. There are nearly 150 wines in the Vinism, covering all types of natural, organic and biodynamic wines in the old and new world. Moreover, there are about 20 kinds for sale every day, and the wine list is changed from time to time.
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  • 1091288
    2018-05-28 Monday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 10
    • Overall: 10

    excellent restaurant!!!! must go go

  • 1131470
    2018-05-23 Wednesday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 10
    • Service: 10
    • Overall: 10

    上海的一家自然红酒酒吧,号称是全国的第一家自然酒吧。据说是Chez Maurice老板开的,在江苏路附近。适合小酌,环境简单,酒品到位。没有酒单,可以找小哥推荐,客人来了先进恒温酒窖选酒,由专业的讲解人员在很细心的给我讲解,每开一瓶都会跟我很大方的和我讲解一下酒的故事。很专业!绝对是受益匪浅!酒价格是一般酒吧的2/3的价格,杯子很有特色很可爱。这边的菜品种类虽说不是很多,但每一款都是个好的下酒菜。灯光朦胧,适合姐们唠嗑,也适合情侣呢喃。尝试了单宁味比较重的,略显酸涩,但非常好喝。在一个酒店对面,门面比较小,不要错过。和朋友喝的都很开心,酒实在是太好了,还会再来~