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La Vite

  • 8.7 Taste
  • 7.7 Decor
  • 7.7 Service
  • 8.0 Overall
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Address Room 201, 2/F, No.221 Jianguo Xi Lu, Xuhui District 徐汇区建国西路221号2楼201室
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Opening hours Mon-Sun 17:00-00:00
Average Price ¥183 P.P
Cuisines Italian
Landmarks Xujiahui
Restaurant Features Friends , Dinner
At Home with La Vite's Pizzas and Wine
Located on Jianguo West Road. Compare with La Vite No1, this time the host select a very cozy street in Shanghai. You probably will miss it because it's on the second floor and undertone.
You can tell that the décor has been well thought out - eclectic and varied ornaments adorn the walls and shelves, including giant metal serving cutlery, wine bottles and framed photos of hearty-looking Italian chefs and brick pizza painted plates illuminate the space, homemade touches by the co-owner and chef, Franco. Chalkboards with the day's specials and maps of Italy's famous cities add to the quaint restaurant's character.

The "home-style" restaurant and bar has a small menu, but a rather large wine menu that is predominantly Italian, ranging from RMB189 to RMB499 per bottle. The entire wall behind the wooden bar is stocked to the ceiling with wine bottles from all around. For a small establishment, their wine selection is commendable, especially since they also import Italian beers like Birra Moretti and Peroni. Start off with an Italian cold cuts platter of Parma Ham, Salame, Mortadella, Coppa and Pancetta, washed down with one of their Italian beers. Next up, you can try the generous portion of mixed salad with smoked salmon or the Caprese salad of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.

Currently, La Vite's calling card is their pizzas - at affordable prices from RMB58 to RMB75, they have eight pizzas to choose from. Scribbled on one of the chalkboards is the "Capricciosa Pizza", the pizza of the day, if you will, which is based on the chef's preference. This time around, the Capricciosa Pizza is topped with ham, olives, mushroom, onion and grilled eggplant, a generous mix of flavorful toppings on the thin crust. Franco recommends a beer to go with their pizzas, or a Spritz, a wine-based cocktail of their own concoction.

Other notable pizzas are the Margherita plain mozzarella, tomato and oregano and the Salsiccia pizza with mozzarella, tomato, Monte Veronese cheese, sausage and Radicchio, a slightly spicy and bitter vegetable. La Vite also has a few vegetarian options, including the Vegetariana Pizza of tomato, zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper and scarmoza cheese. You can also add buffalo mozzarella for an extra RMB35. If you're not up for pizza, La Vite also has other Italian favorites like spinach ravioli and the osso buco, veal shank slow cooked in wine and beer.

Finish off your meal with one of their desserts, ranging from lemon or chocolate ice cream to their homemade panna cotta. Lucky for us, La Vite is also a late venue, opening up to as late as 1am.
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  • 190761588215542
    Yvonne0721 VERIFIED REVIEW
    2019-08-31 Saturday
    • Taste: 8
    • Decor: 8
    • Service: 8
    • Overall: 8


  • Member
    2019-08-25 Sunday
    • Taste: 8
    • Decor: 8
    • Service: 8
    • Overall: 8

    听老板说因为当天点的太多啦 所以有两种肉肉没有了被换掉了? 不过还是点了,肉质口感各方面确实还不错,搭配餐前包可以diy小三明治啦哈哈
    这道菜还蛮少见的 趁热吃超好吃!芝士的味道醇厚却不腻,饺子皮做的蛮不错的,咬开发现里面是菠菜和芝士打成的碎末,菠菜的加入调和了芝士的味道,清淡又不失食材的本味。蘑菇酱熬制的也很浓呢整体风味不错
    羊排很嫩,也没有膻味? 还是做的挺不错的,配菜也还可以,焗烤过的小番茄特别甜ww。
    是好吃的提拉米苏?!马斯卡彭奶油轻盈,朗姆酒在蛋糕体里的加入又增添了一丝风味,可可粉也中和了整体的甜味,多了分回味,也不干噎,轻盈湿润 配着小酒很美滋滋啦
    盛放的高脚杯很不错哈哈 气泡酒味道还不错呢微甜的口感 适合在晚上小酌一下


    人手不是很够,刚开始进去在门口懵了会儿也不见接待入坐的?ll不过除此之外体验真的蛮不错的,男朋友是水牛,服务员加水特别勤快 这点大好评~态度也很不错,还会在甜点前及时更换餐盘。上菜速度整体比较慢但是节奏把握的不错。也不会让人有觉得被打扰的感觉


  • Member
    2019-08-24 Saturday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 8
    • Service: 8
    • Overall: 8

    Great food at affordable prices! Cold cuts, mussels, salad, pasta, pizza, meat and dessert - everything we ate was a hit. I especially loved the dried beef with arugula and the gnocchi with cheesy cream sauce. Yum!

  • 379131588923788
    2018-09-05 Wednesday
    • Taste: 10
    • Decor: 6
    • Service: 4
    • Overall: 6


  • 107657
    2018-09-01 Saturday
    • Taste: 6
    • Decor: 6
    • Service: 8
    • Overall: 6


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