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Professor Lee 李教授

  • 9.0 味道
  • 9.0 环境
  • 9.0 服务
  • 9.0 总分
地址 No. 300 middle Huaihai Road shopping center 4 floor 406 art K11/ No. 300 middle Huaihai Road shopping center 4 floor 406 art K11/淮海中路300号K11购物艺术中心4楼406
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平均价格 ¥157 P.P
菜肴 韩国料理 , 西餐
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餐厅特色 欢乐时光 , 适合团体聚餐 , 适合友人聚餐
Professor Lee 李教授

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  • 52751521729734
    2018-04-09 星期一
    • 味道: 8
    • 环境: 8
    • 服务: 8
    • 总分: 8


  • Member
    2016-11-24 星期四
    • 味道: 10
    • 环境: 10
    • 服务: 10
    • 总分: 10

    Love this place. They might not have a huge menu but they do every well. It is a Korean Italian fusion kind of place. They put a little Korean twist in some of the familiar Italian dishes.
    Highly recommend the squid ink ariancini! Try the ginseng chicken soup too. Light broth but flavourful. (Live octopus is optional).. You can request for them not to add the octopus. Pumpkin soup was nice and thick. Plus the added feature of serving in a pumpkin so you can carve out the flesh as you slurp your soup. (Polite in Korean culture to slurp.. Right?)
    The tiramisu was nice too. More of the novelty of them making it right at your table and having them explain all the steps and ingredients.. Hence the name of the dish (leave it for you to find out when you look at their menu)
    Their set menu left the both of us really full.. *Chicken ginseng soup is not included in the set... Been back twice...