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City Bistro@Chongqing Marriott

  • 5.0 Taste
  • 5.0 Decor
  • 6.0 Service
  • 5.3 Overall
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Address No.9 yanyu RD, Nan'An district, ChongQing Marriott Hotel 南岸区烟雨路9号重庆万豪酒店
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Opening hours
Average Price ¥200 P.P
Cuisines Seafood , Buffet , Seafood buffet , Western
Landmarks Nanbin Lu, Nan Ping Area
Restaurant Features Buffet Style , Family
Chongqing City Bistro is the all-day dinning option in the Chongqing Marriott Hotel. The restaurant is elaborately designed and located on the 29th floor of the hotel, facing a spectacular view of Nan Shan Mountain. A wide range of dazzling Chinese-and Western cuisines cater to all tastes all year round. It’s convenient food for clientele that is largely in Chongqing on business.
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  • Winnie Chan
    2018-02-19 Monday
    • Taste: 2
    • Decor: 2
    • Service: 2
    • Overall: 2

    Terrible! The restaurant is closed in the Lunar New Year. Dining City only allow us to made the reservation but didn't notify that they are closed in the holidays until we arrived the restaurant on the booking date! I can't comment about the restaurant but the booking system of Dining City, so bad and not recommended.

  • 胃小姐
    2017-08-18 Friday
    • Taste: 8
    • Decor: 8
    • Service: 10
    • Overall: 8