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Privacy Policy

Update date: November 1, 2021
Effective date: November 8, 2021



The Terms apply to products named “DiningCity 鼎食聚”, “DC Assistant”, “DC Partners” developed by Shanghai Shiju Network Technology Company Limited. We are a platform that provides mid-to-high-end catering reservation services for users (hereinafter referred to as “you”). 

By submitting your personal data to any DiningCity properities you automatically accept that DiningCity registers and stores personal data for the specific purposes outlined below in this privacy policy. You also consent to waive the right of undertaking any action in relation to this privacy policy. 



When you make a reservation for a restaurant on our site, we will need to collect certain information about you such as your name, email address, phone number and location. We do not share personal information about you with outside parties unless you made the reservation through a 3rd party website, in which case the 3rd party website will have visibility on the reservation details of your booking made through the 3rd party only to be able to provide support. 



DiningCity may gather certain usage information from DiningCity, like the numbers and frequency of visitors to our web site. The data is only used on the aggregate and does not include any personally identifying information. 

DiningCity app permissions 
- DiningCity may request location permissions in order to accurately show content in the relevant location. 
- DiningCity may request camera and file access permission in order to let you post photos in reviews or update your user profile.
- DiningCity may request IMEI, MAC and read installed apps permission in order to enable payment functionality through third-party providers. For more information on data collected by payment third-party providers, please see section “Date Security” b. 

DC Assistant app permissions 
- DC Assistant may request location permissions to help you set up your restaurant location setting. 
- DC Assistant may request camera and file access permission in order to let you submit restaurant, deal or menu dish photos.  



DiningCity uses a technology nicknamed 'cookies'. Cookies are pieces of information that a web site transfers to your computer's hard disk for record keeping purposes. They tell us how and when pages on our site are visited and by how many people; Cookies do not collect personally identifiable information, although they do identify a user's computer. We do not combine information collected through cookies with other personally identifiable information in order to detect who you are or what your screen name or e-mail address; Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser to prevent this. If you do so however, you may not be able to take full advantage of our web site. The complete the restaurant reservation process can for example only be accessed if you accept cookies. 



DiningCity will, but are not obliged to, at your request or on our own initiative replenish, rectify, or erase any incomplete, accurate or outdated personal data on you. 



Personal information collected by DiningCity is stored in secure operating environments that are not available to the public.  


Authorization and consent principle: Without your consent, we will not share your personal information, unless the shared personal information is de-identified information, and the shared third party cannot re-identify the natural person subject of such information. If the third party uses the information for a purpose beyond the scope of the original authorization and consent, they need to obtain your consent again. 

Third-party SDKs for payment functionality: the payment function is provided to you by third-party payment companies that cooperate with us. Third-party institutions may need to collect your name, bank card type and card number, expiration date and mobile phone number, mobile IMEI identifier, mobile MAC address, and/or installed apps. Bank card number, expiry date and mobile number are sensitive personal information. This information is necessary for payment functionality. Refusal to provide this information will cause you to be unable to use this functionality, but will not affect the normal use of other functions. The payment functionality is provided by 支付宝(中国)网络技术有限公司 and 深圳市腾讯计算机系统有限公司. The financial institutions will collect your relevant information to provide you with payment services in accordance with laws, regulations and regulatory requirements. You can refer to each respective institution’s privacy policy for further details. 

Third-party SDKs for geolocation: the geolocation function provided to you by a third-party geolocation vendor that cooperates with us. We will share the GPS location to Amap so that the location results can be returned to you. GPS information is personal sensitive information, and refusal to provide it will only affect the geolocation based features, but does not affect the normal operation of other features. 


We will share the necessary data with third parties through application program interfaces (APIs) and software tool development kits (SDKs), and different versions of third-party SDKs will be different, generally including third-party account login classes, third-party payment classes, map navigation classes, etc. We will carry out strict security testing and agree on data protection measures for third parties.


Third-party company nameProducts/ServicesPersonal information is involvedUsage scenariosPurpose of UseSharing modeThird Party Links
深圳市腾讯计算机系统有限公司WeChatDevice information (IMEI, IMSI, MAC address, AndroidID), Network information, WeChat account informationUsed each time a user selects a third-party account to sign inAccording to the user's choice, to provide users with third-party account login functionSDK native captureOfficial website link: https://open.weixin.qq.com/

Privacy Policy Link:
财付通支付科技有限公司WeChat PayDevice information (IMEI, IMSI, MAC address, AndroidID), Network information, WeChat account informationUsed each time the user selects a third-party payment methodProvide users with third-party payment functions based on user selectionSDK native captureSDK official website link: https://pay.weixin.qq.com/static/applyment_guide/applyment_index.shtml

Privacy Policy Link:https://www.tenpay.com/v3/helpcenter/low/privacy.shtml机采集
支付宝(中国)网络技术有限公司AlipayDevice information(IMEI, IMSI, AndroidID, MAC Address, BSSID, Hardware serial number, ICCID), Location information, network type, device model, device brand, carrier information, sensor list, application informationUsed each time the user selects a third-party payment methodProvide users with third-party payment functions based on user selectionSDK native captureSDK Official website link::

Privacy Policy Link: https://render.alipay.com/p/c/k2cx0tg8K本机采集
高德软件有限公司AmapLocation information, device information (IMEI, IMSI, MAC address), application information (application name, application version number), device brand and modelUsed when the user selects the map navigation functionProvide users with map navigation capabilitiesSDK native captureOfficial website link: https://lbs.amap.com/

Privacy Policy Link: https://lbs.amap.com/pages/privacy/



Personal information that you provide through chat sessions or email exchanges are not covered by this Privacy Policy. We will protect your privacy to the best of our ability by monitoring the sessions, but please keep in mind that you control the information you disclose when you are in a public forum. You should always be careful when distributing your personal information in this manner; Moreover, it is important to be aware of that this policy only applies to DiningCity and not to other companies' or organizations' web sites to which we may link. 



If we decide to change our Privacy Policy we will post any amendments on this page so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we disclose it to other companies. 



DiningCity reserves the right (but has no obligation) to monitor, remove, or edit the various types of non-compliance User Content without notifying User. Any such non-compliance User Content must not be illegal, threatening, obscene, racist, defamatory, libelous, pornographic, invasive of privacy, purposely false or otherwise injurious to third parties, any form of “spam” or advertising other websites or services etc. 



DiningCity welcomes your questions and comments about our privacy policy via our email address info@diningcity.asia or support-hk@diningcity.asia (Hong Kong). 



Information we collect about you will only be used by the restaurant where you make your online reservation or may be available to the partner channel you made the booking through. Example if you made a reservation on for example Ctrip’s mobile app using the DiningCity reservation form, Ctrip has visibility on this reservation information to be able to provide support to you. If you did not use a 3rd party to make your reservation the reservation data will only be shared with the restaurant you made the reservation at. 

Written reviews published on DiningCity may also be visible on partner websites or 3rd party content but will always be watermarked as coming from DiningCity. At no time does the ownership of your review change. If the review is removed on DiningCity it will also be removed from other partner websites. 



You have the right to request access to and correction of information about you held by us. 



To request an account deletion, please contact us at info@diningcity.asia. Your application will be processed within 15 days of your identity verification or within the time specified by local laws and regulations. Once you have successfully logged out, we will delete or anonymize your personal information as soon as required by local laws and regulations. For rules and procedures for cancelling an account, please see the “User Cancellation Guide” appendix.



If you wish to access or correct your personal data held by us, please e-mail DiningCity , info@diningcity.asia or support-hk@diningcity.asia(Hong Kong). 



Website traffic data 

We do not collect any personally identifiable information from the visitors to our website. Our service provider makes a record of your visit that shows only the Domain Name Server address part of your email address, e.g. "coolmail.com" from an e-mail address of "anon@coolmail.com", and of the pages visited. The service provider only discloses to us aggregate information about the number and types of visitors by reference to their Domain Name Server address. This information is used by us only for preparing general statistics on the usage of our website. 


Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Statement 

The information collected from you will has as primary purpose to facilitate reservations at restaurants made through the DiningCity platform. This can include our events such as the Restaurant Week or other event formats we operate. The information is shared with the restaurant you made a reservation to be able to facilitate the reservation at the restaurant. 

Your profile will also be used to issue reward points to your account and send you marketing promotions by DiningCity itself. You can at all times opt-out of any newsletter and sms you receive from us. 

If you made a reservation through a 3rd party you the reservation information may also be visible to the 3rd party that you made the reservation through for the purpose of providing support on the reservation you made. 

Standard messages you will receive from us include: 

Reservation confirmation Email and or SMS 

Reservation change Email and or SMS 

Reservation cancellation Email and or SMS 

Reservation reminder Email and or SMS 

Dining experience review request Email and or SMS. 




“User Cancellation Guide” 

Before you cancel your account, please fully read, understand and agree to the following: 

We remind you that the cancellation of your DiningCity account will result in the termination of the provisions of our service to you. Once logged out, we will delete your personal information, and other associated data will be kept in a non-retrieval, accessible, or anonymized state. This associated data may be stored for 3 years or more per local laws and regulations. 

1. If you still wish to delete your account, please ensure the following beforehand: 

The accounts has no associated financial transactions pending left; 

There are no outstanding services provided or paid for on the account that have yet to be paid for; 

There are no pending disputes or complaints reported associated to this account; 

The account is a normal account and there are no records of the account being restricted or investigated; 

2. DiningCity reserves the right to cancel your account without your consent if your account is involved in a dispute, including but not limited to complaints, reports, litigation, arbitration, investigations by state authorities, etc. 

3. Please be sure to untie other relevant accounts before submitting your cancellation request. 

4. Once your DiningCity account is cancelled, it will not be recoverable. Please back up all information and data related to your account yourself prior to the operation. By cancelling your account, you will not longer be able to use this account and will no longer be able to retrieve any content or information related to your account, even if you re-register using the same mobile number or same identifier. 

5. The cancellation of your account does not imply an exemption or mitigation of the account holder’s conduct and related liabilities prior to the cancellation of this account.